Wednesday, 10 August 2011.

peoples i am getting a tumblr.

i cannot access cbox to get rid of my spam and that is the last straw.

{ 11:55 PM }

all we need is a little bit of momentum.

and I need to stop inching away from people and life and awkwardness because that is how friendships are killed.

all my summer reading is done and i've done so much thinking forwards-backwards-inside-out about That Which Is Us that i wind up dizzy and back at the start with no conclusion.

i wrote a long pretty passage about the stinging allergen that is reality and then killed it because it made no sense and cut too close.

and meanwhile in all my hypocrisy i sit and worry, because other people have rivers of hatred that run longer and cut deeper and closer to the bone in all directions, and as a friend i don't know where my job is, and certainly not where it isn't. pleasestayokay, and please please please if you still read this blog I may be a bumbling fool who occasionally confuses right with left and whose foot is far too acquainted with her mouth (figuratively speaking, as i feel obligated to point out after witnessing some of Katie's acrobatics), but i'm always going to be here for you.

{ 11:33 PM }

Monday, 8 August 2011.

it's been a while-- Barcelona was amazing!

except for the albino-panda sunburn it gave me, and the lack of breathing room on that one train to the beach.

what to say? i made a billion great friends, had all the skin on my shoulders peel off, bought clothes, ate candy, brought back gum, laughed, cried, fell down on the sidewalk....

SO MUCH LOVE, Barcelona.

There was icecream, there were dead jellyfish, there was good pizza and there was awful pizza. There were relatives and strangers and bicycles.

I don't know how to begin, because I wouldn't know where to end.

{ 11:38 PM }

Monday, 27 June 2011.

listening to the two cds i bought in hongkong--- one is by Panic at the Disco and the other by Mumford & Sons.
(re: the latter-- SEE NAOMI I LISTENED TO YOU.)

i am going to be going to the Paramore concert in August here in Singapore! this is brilliant news.

today I sat at home and did nothing but read manga and organise my iTunes library. what a waste of a day of vacation.

it was nice to just rest for a while thoughhh. the laziness that vacation permits is so addictive i think i might end up with severe withdrawal symptoms come august....


if anyone who actually still reads this blog wants me to bring something back for them, let me know soon!

{ 10:38 PM }

Sunday, 26 June 2011.

this.... is a blogpost!

Back from Hong Kong, which was more or less a brilliant trip. Ocean Park was tremendous fun, even though the lines were longish and the sun brightish.

And at the Hong Kong Museum of Art there was the awesomest awesomest ink art exhibition.

I took the Star Ferry!

Also, bringing back Otto and the Flying Twins simply because of its great sentimental value and general heartedness.

things i did not like about today: being herded around with kathy by bored stewardesses in the Hong Kong and Singapore airports.

things i liked about today: visiting katie (who is leaving for the USA tomorrow, dearie me)

I am so so sleepy.

sister threw another tantrum today

my eyelids are prickling with sleep, the lights are out, and due to popular demand my laptop lighting is nearly nil. goodnight, good people; i'm going to Spain.

hopefully not right now though because i need to speak to christabella once she gets back.

{ 11:46 PM }

Monday, 13 June 2011.

things Edith really ought to know:

the difference between Tori Amos and Toni Braxton.

every once in a while my cluelessness makes me laugh.

{ 12:16 AM }

Tuesday, 31 May 2011.

exams are over, math olympiad still to be completed.

i have absolutely nothing of worth and import to say.

the sisters are squabbling and life is about as dull as it's ever been.
ikea trip tomorrow.

also tomorrow:

school holiday
day i have to buy a replacement Bill Bryson book


{ 7:44 PM }


27 July


new schoolbag



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Yoru-senpai (aka Jacen)
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